Lake Merced Golf Club was built on the foundation of a strong commitment to create a Club that is enjoyable by all who enter.

    We believe that the true greatness of this Club lies in the membership and the diversity it represents. Lake Merced Golf Club openly welcomes all prospective members, regardless of any social preference, religious belief, or ethnic background. It is incumbent on all members to cultivate an environment of harmony at Lake Merced Golf Club. We firmly believe it is our diversity that makes us great, and allows for all members and guests to enjoy the Club’s amenities to their fullest.

    Lake Merced offers a number of memberships opportunities: Proprietary, Converting to Proprietary, Young Associate, National and Social Clubhouse.

    Each of our memberships are specially tailored to meet the unique needs of our members, from our Young Associate Membership Program that is specially designed for individuals under the age of forty to our Trial Program which allows those new to the Club an opportunity to experience all that membership has to offer for six months before transferring into a full membership.

    For more information on becoming a member contact our Membership Director, Brian Paul or fill out the form below.




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